Digital Marketing Career Option in 2018


Wondering what to do after graduation? Looking for a job opportunity or searching for a career option? digital marketing the best career option for anyone like you.

Advancement in technology has opened gates to employment opportunity in the virtual field. digital marketing has gained a lot of attention in past few years. It is a vast subject, providing enormous amount knowledge to people. Digital marketing field is advancing every day with changes happening almost every minute.

The demand and popularity of digital marketing has increased in the past few years. The market is predicted to reach out for 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020, and not enough professionals to fill them up. This has created a large amount of career opportunity in the field of digital marketing.

Why digital marketing?

Global outlook of today has enhanced our capability to do deep analysis of the products and services, we are interested in. This has been made easier by digital marketing. Online marketing has a stronghold on the companies, it has given opportunities to small start-ups to compete with big companies of the world. Whereas big companies are able to reach out to their customers across the world at a very fast speed.

Social media and search engine have taken over marketing, giving the companies better and efficient tools. The world has truly become a global village, thanks to digital marketing.

Digital marketing has made the task of companies easier. It helps them in their expansion. This field has only a limited amount of experts who can actually help them in reaching out, Which opens career opportunity for those who are curious to learn about marketing online.

Currently, there are 150000+ jobs offerings in India, digital marketing is implemented in most of the companies, providing them exposure and ability to enhance.

Digital Marketing Training:

Being a google certified digital marketer is an achievement in itself. 10+ certificates are a good boost to your career. The success of an individual depends upon their hard work but, in the field of digital marketing, the success of an individual depends on their smart work.

The digital marketing course helps you to enhance your Knowledge in this field. Search engine optimization course, PPC training, email marketing course and social media marketing course etc. are parts of digital marketing. A market which is expanding every single day opens an opportunity for everybody to enhance their knowledge and significantly stand out from the crowd.


Search engine optimization:

With search engines bringing new algorithms and changing the parameters for website to rank on search engines result page. Companies need a specialist to take care of the webmaster’s guidelines. Demand for SEO analyst are increasing in the market.

Search engine marketing:

It is difficult for sites to reach on the top of the search, google offers easy way by allowing sites advertise themselves and reach on the top anytime. Pay per click experts are hired for bidding management and maintaining higher quality score to reduce advertisement cost.

 Social media optimisation:

Social media optimisation experts are needed to showcase the company’s product and services over the social media platform. they use various ways taught to them to promote the companies in every possible way.

Social media marketing:

social media marketing enables the companies to promote their goods and services by targeting the relevant focused audience. This helps in achieving quick results at a fraction of cost.

Online reputation management:

Every company works to maintain their reputation in the online market, online reputation management expert works to manage negative reviews and promote and maintain a good reputation of the company.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is done by promoting the products and services of a company, by sending promotion mails to current or potential is a low cost marketing scheme.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is when third parties promote a product or services of a company for a commission. Companies try to promote affiliate marketing for increasing the reach and traffic on their website.

Where to study Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore?

So now you know what digital marketing is, let’s move to next most important question, where to study?

As Digital marketing is gaining popularity. A large number of digital marketing training institutes are in the race to become the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore. Key to find the best institute in Bangalore is by looking into their curriculum, their placement support and their expertise in the industry. Choose an institute that offers you the opportunity to study digital marketing in precise manner at industry standards and provides 100% JOB PLACEMENT. There are a few institutes you have to look forward to, online idea lab is an upcoming training centre in Bengaluru.

Online idea lab has experienced faculties, who have been training and placing students since last 4+ years and offers best study model, with less student in a session for individual attention. Online Idea Lab provides you with best digital marketing course in Bangalore with placement. The digital marketing course fees is affordable and It also provides you with free domain hosting to make you practice on your own website. Last but not the least, It even guarantees 100% job placement. What more can you ask for? So pick up the phone and book for a free demo session to know more and begin your journey in the exciting field of digital marketing!

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