Keyword Match Types in PPC Campaigns – Checklist Which Guides You

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Through keyword match types you can have control over ads triggering for your keywords in Google Adwords. Before we understand how, we must know the nature of keywords which people search in google.

Keywords will have generally more than one word and on an average 5 to 6 words. As per the analysis people will type around 40 characters while they do any search. These words may be directly or indirectly connected to the keywords you are using in campaign. We will understand the possible ways of search terms people use with ‘Digital Marketing’ as a keyword.

Synonyms – Online Advertising
Reorder – Marketing Digital
Close variants:

  • Misspellings – Digital Marketng
  • Stemming – Digital Market
  • Single or Plural – Digitals Marketing
  • Acronyms – SEO
  • Abbreviations – i.e

Functional words – in, to, for, but, a, the

There are four match types we can use in keywords and each type are connected to the nature of keywords.

Broad match

– it is a default keyword type in adwords if you don’t specify any match type for keywords. Broad match keywords will get you more visitors to your site but not all relevant visitors. Example Digital Marketing.

Broad Match Modifier

– use symbol + in front of each word of keyword. This will make your ad to trigger for relevant searches only. Example +Digital +Marketing

Phrase match

– use symbol “ “ at the beginning and end of the keyword. This type can give more relevant searches to your website. Example “Digital Marketing”

Exact match

– use symbol [ ] at the beginning and end of the keyword. This type can give highly relevant traffic to your site. Example [Digital Marketing]

Below table depicts how match types are related to nature of keywords and impact on search traffic.

Keywords Nature

Broad match

Broad Match Modifier

Phrase Match

Exact Match




           √                    √           √

Single word


Close variants

           √                   √              √

Functional words

           √           √

Recent Search activities


Mapping match types to keywords is a rational activity through which you employ your keywords to work better for you. To know complete process of keywords and its utilization in PPC campaign register with us.


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