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Here comes another update in 2018, Google has been coming up with some market wobbling updates since the beginning of 2018. With the updates in the algorithm, here is a new update in Google my business. This is another update which hugely going to change the in digital marketing platform. Online reputation management is going to much easier with this update.

Google my business will now send email notifications to the users whenever the business responds to their response.

Previously, Google responds from the business to the users weren’t being noticed by the users until they go and check the business’s respond on their reviews.

Responding to user reviews is very effective for business eventually. Knowing that users will be revisiting to the responds gives an opportunity to the business is helpful for the business in the terms of online reputation management.

The new update in gives the upper hand to the business to make things right with the negative reviews and creating a strong relationship with users with the positive reviews.

On the other hand, notification or no notification responding to the user’s review never does any harm to the business and helps in growth and building a strong relationship with the users. Though, responding inappropriately to the reviews can only bring bad reputation to the business. Latest update proves that it will be good for the business to follow the google tips.

Google tweeted that with the new email notification will come in action on 1st of May. With this responds of the business on user’s review will be notified to them by an email. This email notification will be sent to the users after 5 minutes of the responds. This gives business time to edit their respond if needed.
Here is a preview of how the mail would appear on the users mobile.

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